About the author

Laetitia and Francois Fourie of X-factor Math Study Guides

Laetitia Fourie started X-factor in 2008 with the help of her husband, Francois, after retiring from 30 years of teaching. She accumulated her experience at various schools across South Africa and was also involved in extracurricular tutoring during that time.

Laetitia’s qualifications include a B.Sc (with Mathematics 3) and Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Stellenbosch as well as a B.Ed (Cum Laude) from Unisa.

Why the X-Factor?

  • We know exactly what problems learners have to cope with.
  • Has developed techniques to make Mathematics more understandable for all learners.
  • Has seen too many learners fall between the cracks because they do not receive the correct guidance.
  • Knows the value of continuous practice and wants to provide a way to reinforce basic skills.
  • Wants to fill the gap, especially in Junior Maths.
  • Wants to create a do-it-yourself culture from early on in order to prepare learners for post-school study.
  • Wants to give inexperienced teachers an aid to work with and guide them to know exactly what content must be presented on which level.
  • Wants to reduce the teacher’s workload by providing extra work for learners to use.
  • Wants to provide a self-help guide for learners who cannot afford extra lessons to succeed.
  • Wants to provide an aid for learners with problems, as well as for those who work towards a distinction.
  • Has a passion for Mathematics and wants to see every South African learner achieve his or her full potential.