My son Thomas did terrible in junior school Mathematics.

My son Thomas did terrible in junior school Mathematics.  I had him at another Tutoring Centre which was a terrible waste of time and money here at the Paarl branch.  Then we had extra lessons with teachers and young junior teachers finalizing to become qualified teachers which was more of a disaster.  I then tried other Mathematics books on the market but they were not laid out in a neat straight forward way liket your books are.  For example Chapter or Module 2 will start half way down a page at the end of Chapter or Module 1.  For an ADHD child this is awful. Eventually I got hold of your Grade 8 Mathematics book and worked through this with him.  Now in Grade 9 Term 3 he achieved 89%,  a phenomenal straight A. So thank you for a fabulous straight forward well laid out book series. I only wish other subjects were laid out like this. They have made text books so complicated now. Kind Regards, Nicole
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