Mathematics Grade 9 eBook

A mathematics study and revision guide for Grade 9 (in English) based on the CAPS syllabus.

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This study guide consists of the following topics:

Module 1: The Real Number System

Module 2: Ratio, Rate and Proportion

Module 3: Financial Mathematics

Module 4: Integers

Module 5: Common Fractions

Module 6: Decimal Fractions

Module 7: Exponents, Surds and Scientific notation

Module 8: Patterns

Module 9: Functions and Relationships

Module 10: Algebraic Expressions and Substitution

Module 11: Products

Module 12: Factorisation

Module 13: Algebraic Fractions

Module 14: Equations

Module 15: Graphs: Straight line

Module 16: Geometry: Lines, Angles and Triangles

Module 17: Geometry: Pythagoras and Quadrilaterals

Module 18: Geometry: Congruency and Similarity

Module 19: 2-D objects: Perimeter and Area

Module 20: 3-D objects: Volume and Surface Area

Module 21: Platonic 3-D objects

Module 22: Transformations

Module 23: Data handling

Module 24: Probability

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What they're saying


Good morning Laetitia. I am a academic support teacher, who has been teaching for close to 30 years, and I just want to commend you on your maths text book. It is definitely one of the best ones that I have used in my years of teaching.

Jane Doe, Student

The X-Factor is an excellent book to assist you with tricky questions. It hosts quality, but simple explanations with exercises in abundance. The book thoroughly prepared me for the final examination and helped me to excel in maths. The X-Factor is a definite MUST in preparing for tests and exams throughout the year as well.

Jane Doe, Student

Hi Leatitia. Wou net se jou wiskunde boeke is n wenner. Groot rol gespeel in my kind se voorbereiding vir die NBT. 67% vir die wiskunde deel gekry en daarmee saam toelating tot BSc by US! Baie dankie. Dankbaar, bly en trots.

Jane Doe, Student